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Virtual flying you can trust


A group of virtual aviation pilots following the airline Jet2. Flight Club

 Flying Club


What do we aim to do?

·         We aim to give our pilots a chance to experience another type of flying, without the hard work and fuss of a 737!

·         We aim to let you relax in a social environment, such as in our TeamSpeak Server

·         We also aim to give you the skills of VFR Flying & give you basic Flying Knowledge

Routes available to you!

These are our current routes but we also have a training flight around Sherburn and a special Yorkshire flight to Sutton Bank.

training flights to not count for the landing rate board!!!!


Current flights in France are partof the world tour where we fly a cessna 172* to Sydney travelling all across the worlds doing routes around cities and smaller mountainous airstrips and having a great time enjoying the view of the planet in ga aircraft!

*Other general aviation aircraft are allowed!

Our current routes are in Central Eastern europe

This includes: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia,
Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia And finishing in albania 

Flying from larger airports like Belgrade and Lujbljana to Jet2  destions such as Pula, Spilt and Dubrovnik  and smaller airfields across the nations and finally finishing in Albania  in Gjirokastër


Division Director - Matthew Bradley

Matthew Bradley- I have only been flying for Jet2 Virtual since the beginning of September and I thoroughly enjoyed flying for the airline and racking up the hours. It is great to fly for an airline near my home at Leeds who I flown with many times to places like Faro, Malta and The Canaries. I have been flying on single player FSX for years until recently when I purchased FSX Steam Edition when I started to fly proper scheduled flights and joined the Jet2. Over my time of flying I have found out that I like the 757 the best out of all of the planes. When I am older I hope to be a 757 pilot (possibly for Jet2) but I really enjoy flying General Aviation aircraft.


Current Members:

Matthew Bradley

Harry Lister

Freddie Charlesworth

Ellis Martin

Zak Creaser

James Watson

Connor Palmer

Joseph Mallinson

Christopher Bradley

Tony Hall

Daniel wilson





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