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Virtual flying you can trust


A group of virtual aviation pilots following the airline Jet2.

We are the original Jet2Virtual, after being founded in 2007. Flight Club

 Flying Club and CHarter division


Flying Club

What do we aim to do?

·         We aim to give our pilots a chance to experience another type of flying, without the hard work and fuss of a 737!

·         We aim to let you relax in a social environment, such as in our TeamSpeak Server

·         We also aim to give you the skills of VFR Flying & give you basic Flying Knowledge

Routes available to you!

These are our current routes but we also have a training flight around Sherburn and a special Yorkshire flight to Sutton Bank.

training flights to not count for the landing rate board!!!!


Current flights in France are partof the world tour where we fly a cessna 172* to Sydney travelling all across the worlds doing routes around cities and smaller mountainous airstrips and having a great time enjoying the view of the planet in ga aircraft!

*Other general aviation aircraft are allowed!

Our current routes are in Scandanavia 

Flying from larger airports like Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo along the way, finally finishing in Bornholm 





What do we Offer?

·         We aim to give you, our virtual pilots, the chance to fly realistic and interesting flights

·         Flights are updates & changed every few months, so you wont get bored!

·         You make the decisions on where to fly!

·         We like variety- One flight from each base!

·         you will unlock the right to grab yourself an Aerosoft 20% discount code after flying 5 Charter hours!

Current Routes

Winter / Spring 2018 

EXS2799   Leeds   EGNM   Oulu   EFOU   757-200   G-LSAA
EXS2800   Oulu   EFOU   Leeds   EGNM      
EXS2801   Manchester   EGCC   Kittila   EFKT   757-200   G-LSAB
EXS2802   Kittila   EFKT   Machester   EGCC      
EXS2803   East Midlands   EGNX   Trondheim   ENVA   737-300   G-CELE
EXS2804   Trondheim   ENVA   East Midlands   EGNX      
EXS2805   Newcastle   EGNT   Svalbard   ENSB   737-800   G-DRTA
EXS2806   Svalbard   ENSB   Newcastle   EGNT      
EXS2807   Edinburgh   EGPH   Chambery   LFLB   737-300   G-CELH
EXS2808   Chambery   LFLB   Edinburgh   EGPH      
EXS2809   Stanstead   EGSS   Kiruna   ESNQ   737-800   G-JZHK
EXS2810   Kiruna   ESNQ   Stanstead   EGSS      
EXS2811   Birmingham   EGBB   Tallin   EETN   737-800   G-JZHO
EXS2812   Tallin   EETN   Birmingham   EGBB      
EXS2813   Belfast   EGAA   Akureyri   BIAR   737-300   G-CELV
EXS2814   Akureyri   BIAR   Belfast   EGAA      
EXS2815   Glasgow   EGPF   Turin   LIMF   737-800   G-JZHZ
EXS2816   Turin   LIMF   Glasgow   EGPF

If you have any suggestions for future Charter Flights, just airmail EXS281 Matthew Bradley


Division run by chief Executive officer  - Matthew Bradley

Matthew Bradley- I have only been flying for Jet2 Virtual since the beginning of September and I thoroughly enjoyed flying for the airline and racking up the hours. It is great to fly for an airline near my home at Leeds who I flown with many times to places like Faro, Malta and The Canaries. I have been flying on single player FSX for years until recently when I purchased FSX Steam Edition when I started to fly proper scheduled flights and joined the Jet2. Over my time of flying I have found out that I like the 757 the best out of all of the planes. When I am older I hope to be a 757 or 738 pilot (possibly for Jet2) but I really enjoy flying General Aviation aircraft.