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A group of virtual aviation pilots following the airline Jet2.

We are the original Jet2Virtual, after being founded in 2007.'s Winter Tour

Posted on 07/12/2018 by Matthew Bradley

Hi all
Just to let you know the Winter Tour has been released. It is made up of 28 flights, over 11 countries in a 737-8MG G-JZBB (can be any aircraft in the fleet up to pilot's discretion) Starting at Birmingham going to Faroe Islands then Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and returning back to the UK, to Birmingham.
There are rewards up for grabs for competing in this tour:
1 discount code for every 5 legs of the tour

5 discount codes when you have completed the tour

Here is the list of legs:
2018 Winter Tour Routes   G-JZBB 
Flight Number Departure Apt ICAO        Arrival Apt ICAO
EXSWT1         Birmingham EGBB  Belfast EGAA
EXSWT2         Belfast         EGAA         Glasgow EGPF
EXSWT3         Glasgow         EGPF         Inverness EGPE
EXSWT4         Inverness         EGPE   Vagar EKVG
EXSWT5         Vagar         EKVG         Keflavik BIKF
EXSWT6         Keflavik         BIKF         Akureyri BIAR
EXSWT7         Akureyri         BIAR         Stavanger ENZV
EXSWT8         Stavanger         ENZV         Bergen ENBR
EXSWT9         Bergen         ENBR         Trondheim ENVA
EXSWT10         Trondheim         ENVA         Tromso ENTC
EXSWT11         Tromso         ENTC         Alta         ENAT
EXSWT12         Alta                 ENAT        Svalbard ENSB
EXSWT13         Svalbard         ENSB        Ivalo         EFIV
EXSWT14         Ivalo                 EFIV         Kittila EFKT
EXSWT15         Kittila         EFKT         Rovaniemi EFRO
EXSWT16         Rovaniemi         EFRO         Kemi         EFKE
EXSWT17         Kemi                 EFKE         Oulu   EFOU
EXSWT18         Oulu                 EFOU  Stockholm ESSA
EXSWT19         Stockholm         ESSA   Berlin EDDB
EXSWT20         Berlin         EDDB Vienna LOWW
EXSWT21         Vienna         LOWW Klagenfurt LOWK
EXSWT22         Klagenfurt         LOWK Salzburg LOWS
EXSWT23         Salzburg         LOWS Turin         LIMF
EXSWT24         Turin                 LIMF         Geneva LSGG
EXSWT25         Geneva         LSGG         Grenoble LFLS
EXSWT26         Grenoble         LFLS         Innsbruck LOWI
EXSWT27         Innsbruck         LOWI         Leeds Bradford EGNM
EXSWT28         Leeds Bradford EGNM Birmingham EGBB

I hope you enjoy this tour!
EXS281 Matthew Bradley CEO


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