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A group of virtual aviation pilots following the airline Jet2.

We are the original Jet2Virtual, after being founded in 2007.

Welcome to Jet2 Virtual

Welcome to – Jet2Virtual was originally founded in 2007, and it is our aim to give you the best Virtual experience possible, that is our primary focus. We are currently a VATSIM Approved VA & an Aerosoft supported VA. At the moment we have a partnership with a brand new Virtual Airline, who offer routes to amazing destinations in a range of aircraft.

Here at we have lots to offer, including a huge fleet of aircraft and around 1000 schedules to choose from. We also take what you would like to see and make it happen. We have a membership of over 500 Pilots who have flown over 10000 hours.

As well as scheduled flights, we have our very own Flying Club which incorporates General Aviation Flying. We also offer Charter routes. As you get to chose these routes, please contact us with your suggestions. You can do this by sending an Airmail (under the Resources Tab) to EXS0156 Ellis Martin, EXS0281 Matthew Bradley or EXS0404 Tony Hall. To see the current Charter/Flying Club Routes please visit the Flying Club page under the Operations Tab.

As well as schedules and aircraft we offer excellent discounts, such as 20% off selected Aerosoft Products, as well as 20% off all UK2000 Products. The staff team are always trying to get Pilots amazing discount with our partners. Please see the rewards page for more details, which can be found under the Resources Tab.

We now have a Discord Channel which everyone is welcome to use. To join this, please click on the Discord widget on the right hand side of the website. In addition to the Discord Channel, we also have a Steam Group & FSX:SE Server.

UPCOMING EVENTS and our partner Airline will be hosting an event on Sunday 17th July 2018 at 16:00BST (15:00z) on Vatsim. The route will depart from Tenerife South to any bases of either VA so you could fly GCTS - EGNJ, EINN, EGMC, EGPE or for Jet2 GCTS- EGNM, EGCC, EGNX, EGBB, EGAA, EGSS, EGPH, EGNT, EGPF. It is up to you! You can also pick any aircraft from either fleet to use for the event. We hope you will enjoy this event.


If you would like to attend the event then register here (you must be signed in to accept):


Welcome to, we’ll see you in the Virtual Skies!


Ellis, Owner & CEO

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Live Flight Board

Icon Flight Departure Arrival Pilot Status
EXS88 Newark Liberty International Airport LEEDS BRADFORD Archie Andrews Cruising

Flight Bookings

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
EXS015P EGCC EGAA Iolo Llywelyn B737-330 G-CELG 0 Hours
EXS1401 EGSS GCRR Sam Manwaring B737-800 G-JZHF 4.1 Hours
EXS88 KEWR EGNM Archie Andrews B757-200 G-LSAI 8.15 Hours
EXS1489 EGSS LGKR PauI Lee B737-800 G-GDFV 3.2 Hours
EXS1495 EGSS LCLK PauI Lee B737-800 G-GDFJ 4.45 Hours

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
EXS878David KlossLEMHEGPHB737-80002.42-170 ft/mPending
EXS87Archie AndrewsEGNMKEWRB757-20007.37-398 ft/mPending
EXS375CDavid KlossEGNMLEMHB737-80002.26-314 ft/mAccepted
EXS465Archie AndrewsEGNMLCLKB737-8005.460 ft/mAccepted
EXS376BArchie AndrewsLEMHEGNMB757-2002.360 ft/mAccepted
EXS696Dean KirkhamLGZAEGNXB737-33003.38-117 ft/mAccepted